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I have very much enjoyed my time working with Michelle, she is thoughtful and patient and seeks to understand by asking the right questions. I have noticed that I really get what I put into the process and appreciate Michelle’s guidance along the way. I often find myself turning outside to look for answers to some of the more internal challenges I face. Michelle has challenged me to look for those answers inside myself, but has also helped me create the plans I need to act on insight rather than getting stuck in my head. I have grown closer and more connected to my family, friends, and faith. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Connected Life Institute and have found that true to its name, it has helped me recognize the tools and resources within myself to live a more connected life.

A. M.

WOW! She has been GREAT! Michelle has a knack for understanding people and situations, asks thought-provoking questions, and knows how to direct conversations for the best learning possible. She is easy to talk to and become open with. She is flexible and compassionate and cares for those she is talking with. She was so focused and listened to me so well. She asked just the right questions that really helped me think deeper about some issues and situations. She genuinely seemed to care about me and about helping me become a better version of myself. She showed me great understanding and empathy as needed. She has really helped me gain a different perspective in many ways. I am much happier with whom I am becoming and she has helped me so much on this journey. My time with her guiding me is now and will continue to be so valuable for years to come as I implement the different things we discussed and ponder on different questions that make me dig deeper into my thinking.

A. L.

My experience working with Michelle is that she has a natural gift for guiding and motivating. Her style is warm and assertive. She is curious and supportive in her role as a Connection Guide. I’ve had several sessions where she has worked with me to uncover and identify areas in my life that were holding me back. Michelle has an intuitive way of asking the right questions to get me to think deeply about what is going on inside of me, which has increased my self-awareness, and ultimately helped to support me in trusting in myself. The relationship I have developed with her is safe and attentive. Amidst supporting me in my deepest challenges, she is both encouraging and empowering.

P. B.

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