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"I have grown closer and more connected to my family, friends, and faith." - A.M.
"She asked questions that helped me think deeper about situations..." - A.L.
"The relationship I have developed with her is safe and attentive." - P.B.
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"Now that my kids are growing/grown up, I realize I don't know who I am anymore."
"I'm not sure what my life purpose is."​
"I feel stuck in my relationships with my partner/child/self/Higher Power."
"I feel a lot of internal conflicts."
"I have unhealthy patterns that I haven't yet been able to change."
"I feel like I have potential but can't seem to access it."
These are just a few of the statements I hear from my clients, particularly as relationships and circumstances in their lives are changing. Transitions can be difficult and painful, and they also present us with opportunities for exploration, growth, and discovery.

As your Connection Guide, I will help you strengthen your relationships, discover your authentic self, and help you connect to your life purpose. By offering the necessary education, guidance, and support, I will help you facilitate personal goals that lead you to a more purpose-filled life. Specializing in supporting women who desire connection, I invite you to journey with me and discover how to embrace your Connected Life!
Michelle Truax
Connected Life Consultant
Hello! I’m Michelle, a Connection Guide who believes that healthy, connected relationships have the power to support us in successfully navigating intense difficulty as well as producing profound joy and love. It is easier to show up as your best self when you have access to connecting relationships.
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It's been sung that "people who need people are the luckiest."
We were never meant to live alone. 
We all need each other!
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